Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.

Always winter, never Christmas

Release date: 24th of December, 2017
Developer: Karri Kaksonen and Sampo Rintanen
Publisher: White Lynx productions

The game started as a small Google Blockly excercise. Harold published a Visual Novel extension to the Google Blockly programming environment. It was so cool and nice to use so after playing with it for a while a small Sci-fi story popped up.

In the novel you play the part of a Captain on an international space exploration spacecraft in a mission to search for new civilizations.

Interactive space novelInteractive space novel

In addition to the novel the real cart also has a previously unpublished 

game by Turbo Laser Lynx. The game is a minigame with catchy music and fast graphics.
Reiko collecting gameReiko collecting game 


Original Release Date: 31st of August, 2009
Re-Release Date: May 2017.
Developer: Karri Kaksonen.
Publisher: White Lynx productions.

About the games in Solitaire

Microsoft made Klondike famous when it came bundled with Windows. The game is pretty much the same today but the controls are adapted to the Lynx instead of using the mouse.


Click below to view my video walkthrough.

Shaken, not stirred

Original Release date:14th of March, 2014
Re-Release: December, 2017
Developer: Karri Kaksonen
Publisher: White Lynx productions.


The mission, should you choose to take it, is to save the World by disarming a bomb that is about to detonate in 10 minutes. Penny is your friend. If you get wounded in your mission go to Penny to get healed. In order to find and get information of the bomb you need to visit some corrupted places like a casino, a garage, a wherehouse, and a spa. These places are heavily guarded.  Sandra, Inga, Lola and Miki are somewhere out there with valuable information. As we all know a secret agent like yourself is best healed by love and drinking martinis.

Shaken, not stirred cart labelShaken, not stirred cart label


Original Release date: not released yet
Developer: Karri Kaksonen
Publisher: White Lynx productions.

Stardreamer intro screenStardreamer intro screen


The great adventure

Original Release date: not released yet
Developer: Karri Kaksonen, based on Hero Quest fan work by Gerwin Broers
Publisher: White Lynx productions

The game had it first release at the Ropecon 2016 event. It was implemented on a Raspberry Pi Zero. The code already compiles on the Lynx.

Ropecon 2016Ropecon 2016

There was even some weeping angels looking at the game.

Weeping AngelsWeeping Angels